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Doc. Mgr. Ivan Baláž, PhD.

Fakulta prírodných vied UKF


The Influence of the altitude on somatic characteristics size of common vole (Microtus arvalis) in Slovakia Stiahnuť súbor the-influence-of-the-altitude-on-somatic-characteristics-size-of-common-vole-microtus-arvalis-slovakia.pdf 283.51 KB

Doc. Mgr. Ivan Baláž, PhD., príspevok v domácom časopise

The influence of conditions changes on biometry of somatic characteristics (weight, body length, tail, hind foot and ala auris length of M. arvalis) was observed in 6 hypsographic levels: planar, hillock, sub-mountainous, mountainous, oreal, subalpine.

Fakulta prírodných vied UKF, 2010

Ekológia, Zoológia

Pridané: 1. 3. 2011

Somatic characteristics and reproduction of common vole, Microtus arvalis (Mammalia: Rodentia) populations in Slovakia Stiahnuť súbor somaticreproductionmicrotusarvalisslovakia.pdf 476.07 KB

Doc. Mgr. Ivan Baláž, PhD., príspevok v domácom časopise

Reproduction potential and biometry of somatic characteristics of the common vole Microtus arvalis were evaluated and discussed. The results were processed on the basis of an extensive material (2,171 individuals) from the whole territory of Slovakia.

Ústav zoológie SAV, 2010

Biologické vedy, Zoológia

Pridané: 1. 3. 2011